Residential HVAC HVAC Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Signs Your HVAC System Needs Help

  • Fan runs but compressor does not turn on

  • Circuit breaker trips when system is turned on

  • AC hums but fan doesn’t run, nothing comes on

  • Outdoor unit runs but blower does not no airflow inside

  • Condensate is leaking inside house, water inside home

  • Ice on lines, on my outdoor unit

  • Thermostat needs constant adjustment to hold temperature

  • Thermostat never reaches the setting requested

  • Some rooms are warmer than others

  • Unit runs constantly

REO Maintenance Membership

Regular maintenance helps prevent surprises and keeps energy consumption down. Like a truck, car or other mechanical product, following the manufacturer’s service and maintenance guidelines is important to the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. Your unit needs an annual tune-up to clean and test, replace filters and ensure good operating conditions.

When you join REO Maintenance program, you will receive:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance

  • Discounted parts

  • No emergency service fees

  • Priority service

Vertical shot of an air conditioning unit for an apartment home.
Woman Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat At Home

REO Maintenance Features

Clean blower housing and remove all debrisCheck components for functionality, cleanliness & sufficient lubrication
Monitor refrigerant levels and check for leaksCheck heat exchanger for cracks and corrosion
Clean evaporator drain line to prevent water damageMeasure system performance
Clean or replace filter for less restrictionClean and test furnace thoroughly
Tighten all wire connections for safetyCheck CO detectors
Calibrate thermostat for safetyCheck thermostats
Adjust fan (if necessary) to maximize efficiencyClean or replace filter
Brush and vacuum coilCheck that unit is receiving adequate combustion air
Evaluate ducts for cleanliness and air leakageCheck for adequate clearance between the appliance and combustible materials
Balance motor for reduced wear
Lubricate all moving parts, including motors
Electronically measure amperage draw
Secure fan blades for safety
Apply rust proofing as necessary
Monitor expansion valve for optimum efficiency and capacity
Clean and remove vegetation from outside coil
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