Acorn Valley Plaza | Ukiah, CA

The proposed development, Acorn Valley Plaza, has been programmed and designed to fit within the context of an existing, developed neighborhood within the city of Ukiah, south of the primary commercial center of the community and contiguous to a public transit route for the regional bus system along Gobbi Street, a primary, east-west collector arterial. The project, as designed, includes seventy-one (71) residential units with a manager’s unit, Common Area amenities and a small mixed-use component facing to the north, onto the commercial pathway that is Gobbi Street. The overall site and building design have been synthesized with a unique focus on the civic importance of neighborly interactions and the socialization needs of residents and their guests, by focusing on the paradigm of community collaboration and celebration, while emphasizing the egalitarian mandates of Universal Design and accessibility provisions of Fair Housing.

The design professionals have incorporated these mandates through programming of specific requirements that reinforce the developer’s Vision and Goals of a contemporary tax credit development:


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